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Ground Heaters

Equipment available:

  • Wacker Neuson E3000 – 6,000 Sq. Ft. Thawing / 12,000 Sq. Ft. Curing
  • Wacker Neuson E2200 – 4,400 Sq. Ft. Thawing / 8,800 Sq. Ft. Curing
  • Wacker Neuson E1100 – 2,200 Sq. Ft. Thawing / 4,400 Sq. Ft. Curing
  • Wacker Neuson HX200 – 200,000 BTU / Heat Exchanger
  • Insulation Blankets / Curing Blankets – Rent or Purchase
  • Purchase Ground Thaw Equipment – The most recent listings of new and used equipment for sale!


Equipment available:

  • Multiquip 7kW Generator – Towable / Portable Skid
  • Multiquip 25kW Generator – Towable
  • Multiquip 50kW Generator – Towable

Towable Light Towers

Equipment available:

  • Multiquip 7kW – 440,000 Lumens

Ground Heaters

Equipment available (6,000 – 8,000 lbs):

  • CAT
  • Lull
  • Pettibone

Service & Support

Our experienced and expert staff will guide you through the process of renting, training, monitoring, and field setup to take your project from planning to execution in record time. We understand the importance of not only delivering a quality piece of equipment to the field but having the customer service available in our office to schedule repairs, deliveries, pickups, and answer any questions you may have. Here are some things we will provide as your rental service…


Before placing a call to our 24/7 tech support, see if you can find a solution by logging into your online customer portal.

  • Free layout consultation
  • 24/7 technical and field support
  • Onsite training during initial delivery to an unlimited number of field personnel.
  • Service repair trucks on standby stocked and fully equipped to do any maintenance in the field.
  • Reduced down time with preventative maintenance program.
  • Exclusive service innovations to allow the end user the ability to do tool free regular maintenance.
  • Full service center that stocks all components in case of failure. There is no waiting for components to be shipped from the manufacturer.
  • Periodic site visits to review overall equipment health and perform any routine maintenance required.

On Site Services & Installation

We understand your area of expertise may not be using or setting up this equipment. That is why we have taken our services beyond equipment rental to full service thawing in which we provide all the labor required. Here are some services available upon request…

  • Installation & Startup: Complete setup and installation which includes hose layout and blanketing.
  • Mid Project Relocation: Movement of equipment, blankets, and hose once an area is thawed or complete and a new area is ready to begin.
  • Completion: Complete blanket pickup, hoses rolled back on unit, and equipment removed from the site.
  • Regular Maintenance: We will periodically stop by the site to do an overall health inspection of the equipment.
  • Fuel: We can coordinate all fuel deliveries according to your schedule to ensure your rentals never run empty.


  • Commercial Construction
  • Residential Construction
  • Frack Sites
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Turbine Construction
  • Agriculture & Farm
  • Powerline Construction
  • Municipalities
  • Industrial


Can I setup my rented equipment on a RPO?2020-01-30T19:59:30+00:00

Yes, please call for additional information on how to setup an RPO.

If I rent several units or have a unit for an extended amount of time, can I get a better deal?2020-01-30T19:59:07+00:00

After a full consultation to determine your project needs, lower pricing or packages may be available.

How far will you rent and deliver equipment?2020-01-30T19:58:41+00:00

Currently we will deliver anywhere in the continental US. When renting and operating our units outside the Upper Midwest, you may have to perform the required routine maintenance.

We have power onsite, do I still need to use the onboard generators?2020-01-30T19:58:18+00:00

No, the generators are available for use when onsite power is not available. You will need two 110 volt circuits with a 20 Amp breaker on each circuit. These are the requirements for each Wacker E3000 unit.

How large is the fuel tank on the Wacker E3000 and will it stay running over the weekend?2020-01-30T19:57:50+00:00

The fuel tank holds (240) gallons and will run through the weekend. However, we do recommend the equipment is still checked on daily, especially when being used to cure concrete.

How much fuel will the Wacker E3000 consume?2020-01-30T19:57:23+00:00

The fuel consumption is variable depending on your application and ambient temperatures. Expected fuel consumption will be discussed during the layout consultation.

What type of fuel should I put in my winter rental equipment?2020-01-30T19:56:52+00:00

Always put in #1 Diesel – No blended fuels – No exceptions!

How many units do you have available?2020-01-30T19:56:26+00:00

We consider ourselves as leaders in this industry and have specialized in this field for over two decades. As one of the largest rental providers in the Midwest, we will be able to service your project needs.

How large of an area can I thaw with the Wacker E3000?2020-01-30T19:55:43+00:00

If the recommended hose spacing is used, it is possible to thaw up to 6,000 square feet per unit. This will be dependent on the overall size of the project and requirements. A reduced area per unit will results in faster thawing while an increased area will result in slower thawing.

How much frost can I thaw per day with this system?2020-01-30T19:55:03+00:00

That depends on the size of project, project budget, and ambient air temperatures. The recommended line spacing for thawing ground is 24 inches on center. With average temperatures, proper covering/blanketing, it is normal to thaw up to 1 foot per day. If the hose spacing is increased to accommodate a larger area, excessively cold temperatures are present, or the area is not blanketed properly, results may vary.

How many feet of hose is on a Wacker Neuson ground heater?2020-01-30T19:54:34+00:00

That depends on the model. The Wacker Neuson E3000 is equipped with two separate spools of hose that can be operated independently. Each spool contains 1,500 feet for a total of 3,000 feet of hose. The Wacker Neuson S2200 is equipped with a single spool that contains 2,200 feet of hose.

What is a ground heater?2020-01-30T19:54:01+00:00

A ground heater has many applications but is most commonly used to thaw frozen ground during the winter season. Some other applications include curing concrete, wrapping oil pipeline, HVAC equipment glycol circulation, and provide temporary heat to enclosures with the air exchangers.

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