Unified Technology Solutions

We utilize the most cutting edge technology leading the industry that allows you to communicate your vision and then see that vision brought to life. Having a unified technology solution that starts in the office and finishes in the field streamlines the work flow process and eliminates potential for errors due to unnecessary data recreation. We work direct with surveying firms and quickly adjust for unexpected field conditions. Developing and maintaining partnerships with our technology groups for over two decades has allowed us to be pioneers in the industry and excel over the competition.

A History of Performance

A long history and extensive list of successfully completed unique projects provides us with the background and expertise needed to bring your project to the next level. Contact us to find out how we can implement our field automation through Site Survey, Data Collection, Building/Field Layout, CAD Model Building, 3D Profiling, and Machine Control.

Types of Concrete Work:

  • Footings
  • Cast in Place Walls & Piers
  • Slab on Grade
  • Slab on Composite Metal Deck
  • Precast Topping
  • Structural Slabs
  • Sidewalk
  • Concrete Paving
  • Hockey Rinks

Somero Laser Screed

The Somero Laser Screed establishes grade by laser, disperses concrete by auger, vibrates and consolidates the concrete. The console mounted computer maintains grade with laser precision and monitors the screed elevation at a rate of 5 times per second. The Somero Laser Screed is setting new standards for concrete floors. In addition to being laser-precise and mechanically powerful, the Laser Screed is fast. It can accurately screed over 100 square feet in just 60 seconds. That means more floor is placed daily and production schedules are satisfied or even shortened. Fast track production, high quality, and cost-effectiveness are all direct benefits of choosing Bruce’s Contracting, Inc. for your work.

Xtream Arena Ice Rink Timelapse

Video | Mortenson

Earth Work & Site Grading

Cast in Place Concrete

Concrete Paving